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Our Process

First we start with three simple ingredients: sugar, water & yeast. These are all combined and stored at a constant temperature to enable fermentation for at least two weeks to produce a low alcohol wash which we then clean and triple filter.

We then run this liquid through our still producing a clear spirit at least 90% in strength.


Then we move onto our fresh botanicals.

The botanicals contain some wonderful natural oils and flavours and it’s the extraction of these which give our gin it’s unique flavour. This is where our distillation process begins.


We carefully weigh our each ingredient and add them to our still with a charge of neutral spirit and water. Then we close the lid and put them to bed overnight with a heated jacket to gently warm the still. This step ensures that all the botanicals begin releasing their oils and this maceration continues until the next morning.

Copper Still

The next day, after the maceration has completed, we heat our still at a high temperature making the charge boil. As it boils, the liquid turns into vapour and passes through a column which cools the vapour and turns it back into liquid.

The distillation is split into three parts; the heads, the hearts & the tails. We only use the hearts section in our process, this liquid holds the most subtle and refined of the flavours and aromas produced during distillation.

Juniper, Ice & Lemon

The concentrate produced is between 78-82% and is blended with filtered water for bottling strength. The result is a high quality distilled gin ready for quaffing. Whether it be straight or with a mixer of your choice, we’re sure you’re going to love it. We really are a small batch distillery so each batch only has 20-25 bottles.


So there’s our story, from grain to glass we have a personal touch in every stage to bring you our favourite tipple.

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